Hoover City Schools



FY 2016
Total Expenditures $167 million
Instructional 69.2%
Operations/Maintenance 9.8%
Transportation/Child Nutrition 9.5%
Debt Service 6.6%
Local Schools 2.3%
General Administrative 1.7%

Hoover City Schools receives a significant portion of its revenue from state and federal sources with the balance of its resources coming from local sources. Over the past several years, the district has experienced declining revenues from the state and other sources. Expenditures for instruction always take top priority. 

Revenues and expenditures do not mean much without a relationship to student achievement. Financial decisions are focused on educational outcomes centered on our motto of "Learning for Life." In the not-so-distant past, our school system put into a place a strategic initiative to work with our parents, teachers and the community to recommend actions to provide the financial capability to deliver the quality of education desired by the citizens of Hoover. The ideas and suggestions generated by this dedicated group of citizens continue to provide the district with direction during these uncertain economic times.


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